Curriculum Vitae



Born                                 1952 , Lund, Sweden

Work                                Child and Youth Psychiatry,  Nässjö

                                          Sweden Specialized in General Psychiatry

                                          and Child and  Youth Psychiatry

Titel                                  Consultant Psychiatrist      


1971-1976                         Psychiatric aidee  at the Psychiatric

                                          Hospital Vipeholm, Lund (Oligophrenia)

1976-1986                         Psychiatric aidee, acting ward manager,

                                          assistant physician, S:t Lars Psychiatric 


1983-1988                         Lund University Faculty of Medicine.


1988                                  Basic and Advanced education in

                                          Hypnosis, Member of the Swedish

                                          Association of Experimental and Clinical


1998-1990                        Doctorate Internship Höglands Hospital


1990 -                               Assistant physician, S:t Lars Psychiatric


1991 -                               Resident in Child and Youth Psychiatry at

                                         S:t Lars hospital, Lund


1995                                 Specialist in Child and Youth Psychiatry

                                         Co-Investigator in project

                                        "Genes,Environment and Maternal

                                         Adjustment", Center for Family Research,

                                         George Washington University, The

                                         Karolinska Institute, Lund University.

                                        ( ranked by NIMH as one  of  the  “top

                                        five” projects )

1995                                Assist. Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinic of

                                        Child and Youth  psychiatry, 

                                        Engelholm hospital. Medical Director

                                        of eating  disorders.

1996                                Assist. Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinic of

                                        Child and Youth  psychiatry,

                                        Helsingborg hospital. Director of

                                        the investigative unit for infant psychiatry.

1997                                Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychiatric clinic,

                                        Högland hospital, Eksjö.


1999                                 Managing Director for education of interns

                                         and residents, psychiatric clinic,

                                         Hoegland hospital.

2000 - 2011                     Assist. Chief of staff.  Appointed expert in

                                        psychiatry by the National Board of Health

                                        and Wellfare, Specialist in General



2008 - 2010                   Developing course ” Psychiatry and Law”

                                        for residents in psychiatry with  IPULS

                                       -Institute for the Professional  Development

                                        of Physicians in Sweden


2011                                 Coordinator of course ”Psychiatry and

                                         Law” at the Psychiatric Clinic,

                                         Högland Hospital Eksjö.

Extracurricular activities

1967 - 1972         

Graded in Karate (Shotokam) and  Judo (Greenbelt)

Bronze medalist in the Swedish Junior Championship in weightlifting, aspirant for the Olympics in Munich,

Champion in districtchampionships on several occasions,

Schoolchampion in highjump 1971, Lund.


Fourth place in the District Championship in Fencing, rapier, ( First place, Rolf Edling, worldchampion rapier, second place, Orvar Jönsson, Captain of the Swedish fencing team, saber, third place, Lennart Rohlin, Captain of the Swedish fencing team, foil ).

1988 - 1999       

Practising Aikido


Studentmanager of the Year in Jönköping regional healthcare